I've been in a crafty mood today, so I went digging through tutorials. After you have a little bit of experience at sewing, it's not a bad idea to start googling patterns/tutorials rather than buying them. Should save you some money and you'll feel a little bit more accomplished for not needing a pattern. This is a list that will grow with time, so until then, use some google-fu if it's not here.

  • Free Needle LOTS of tutorials and patterns. I would advise using the big fat search box though as the clothing tutorials get kind of paginated quite heftily. Things I've found on there: sleeves (including puffy sleeves), berets, circle skirts, even a chef hat (which is pretty adorable).
  • What the Craft a decent amount of tutorials geared mostly at making stuff from something else (like arm warmers from a long sleeve shirt). But still, worth it for the sleeve tutorials and circle skirt patterns alone.
  • Pattern File I have liked this the little bit I've used it. It doesn't run as well on my Mac as it did on my work PC. I need to play with it a bit more. But the intent is to keep myself from buying 14 copies of patterns I already have (hello Simplicity 9769!). It's not too badly priced (app is free I think and the subscription which you don't HAVE to get is $5.