I know a lot of cosplayers get asked what patterns they used on certain things. And it's very helpful information when looking at a finished product and trying to figure out where to start. So I'm going to start posting them. If it's something more structured, I'll use a pattern. If I think I can drape it, I usually do. I like to drape and I find it much easier than making the pattern. When I drape a pattern, I do the whole thing, so I can see how it will look. Then I figure out which side I like better and use that one. I also label the pieces when done unless I'm using what I draped for the lining (tip from Vampirate). If it's pretty geometric, I'll probably draft the pattern. I'm good with math, so it works. I also draft the patterns for boots and gloves because it's just easier to trace my hand/foot. (Dress form doesn't have those afterall). Sleeves are a special situation of drafting for me. I made one pattern for a tight sleeve. When I want something looser, I'll place that pattern on the fold and put the pins however many inches of space I wanted divided by two (because it's on the fold). I have a list of what I've done so far after the cut (it's a long list, but at least it's alphabetized). They are stored in a couple of different places in my house, so I'm adding them as I get to them.

  • Anne of Cleeves

Simplicity 2589

  • Auburn

Corset: Simplicity 9769 I think, shorts were made off Nina patterns.

  • Bad Girl

Entirely commissioned from Lauren Cullen. She wanted commissions, I wanted time. Match made!

  • Barbie

Pants I had, shoes were from Target. Binary fabric is from spoonflower. I can't find the pattern for the jacket (but I got it at Hancock's and it was one of those 'make this your perfect size' things).

  • Dr. Girlfriend

Entirely draped. I bought a pattern for it and just never used it. Dr. Girlfriend had to be tight, so I went with draping, for better or for worse.

  • Cassandra

Purple top: Simplicity 3629 Bloomers: Sailor collar and boots are home made patterns. Check the tutorial (coming soon) for images and how to construct them.

  • Cheerleader

Patterns were all drafted by me (although the skirt probably had help if I'm thinking correctly). Check the tutorial section for the sleeve tutorial.

  • Emma Frost - 60s

Dress: Simplicity 3833

  • Emma Frost - dark

Top: the shirt portion of it was draped. The cape portion was modified from McCall's 4698. Pants: Simplicity 2568 I think

  • Emma Frost - white

Top: draped. The cape I used the same pattern as the one for Dark Emma, I just pretty much cut the top off of it where it would start at the top of the shirt. The two were made entirely seperately and then attached. (Tip!) When making it, remember that the weight of the cape will have an effect on the top (pulls it down), so think about that when you are choosing fabrics. The only Emma's I saw without this problem had capes made out of different material than the top. Pants: Same pattern used for Dark Emma's pants.

  • Firefox-tan

Entirely draped. I might put the petal pattern in the tutorial section at some point though.

  • Fuu

Yukata: I used a kimono pattern cause I was in a hurry. McCall's 4953

  • Gorgo

Entirely draped. I hate this costume.

  • Henchman

Entirely bought. Check the Resources under information for where I got everything.

  • Ilythia

I can't find this pattern either. But I heavily altered a toga pattern. I made the neckline lower since it would have the chiffon. And I added the belt, which wasn't a part of the pattern.

  • Katherine - 1864

Simplicity 2881, altered only slightly. I made the full skirt and then added the pleat layers. And I didn't do the stripes down the front.

  • Katherine - present

Entirely bought pieces. Jumpsuit came from amazon. Shoes and jacket are from Target. Wig is from Arda Wigs. Belt I already had (from Anthropologie).

  • Kirlia

Top: probably draped. Skirt: just a knife-pleated skirt. Check the Tutorial section for more info on how to make it. Armbands: drafted a pattern, check the Tutorial section for more.

  • Lili

Skirt: drafted the pattern. Jacket: Butterick 4659, modified to make it longer and the sleeves longer

  • Mary Jane

Jeans, red wig I already had. Bought a blue shirt and did a dark tshirt iron on of the spidey logo.

  • Miku - Geisha (also Luka)

I can't find the pattern for the Yukata, but any of them would do. I did alter the sleeves to add in the color blocking portions and then I just did circle skirts.

  • Miku - Magician (also Zatana)

Tailcoat, vest (altered for women) - McCall's M6143, shirt and bottoms are from Target

  • Motoko - black

Pants, boots, shirt: I already had all of that, except the pants which are just yoga pants. Jacket: McCall's 5060

  • Motoko - white

All bought. including the fabulous jacket. Check the Resources link because I love it and you should give them more business.

  • Nina

Jumpsuit: Kwik Sew 2722 Gloves: drafted. There should be a tutorial for them.

  • Noel

Dress: draped. Arm things: used the same pattern from Kirlia. I cut a portion of them off and used it as a pattern for the black pieces then sewed the 2 together. Boots: drafted (see above and in the Tutorial section) Hat: McCall's 4805

  • OS-tan

The only sewing on this was to cut off a polo sleeveless shirt from Walmart and add bias tape to it. I also had the arm pieces but I have no pictures of those. I just sewed a tube of fabric and stuffed them with leftover sheerling from Peach Blush!

  • Peach Blush

Dress: Simplicity 4015 Lamb: Butterick 4562

  • Queen of Hearts

Corset: McCall's 4109 Skirt: I can't remember if I used the pattern or if I just drafted a pattern. There's a skirt pattern in the corset pattern though.

  • Quinn

I used a formal gown pattern (can't find it, but I definitely got it at Hancock's) and cut the big front piece out. Then I just sewed tubes together for straps.

  • Riza

Kevin (cobheran) made my skirt. The shirt I bought and painted (and have replaced now, not that there are any pictures).

  • Ruri

Jacket: draped (yes, again). Shorts: well, this is pattern I used but it was very very wrong. It was HUGE, so just see if they have a different size.

  • Sharon Carter

Nothing to pattern here. I bought the body suit and added the white parts!

  • She-ra*

Top: Skirt: drafted. Cape: Simplicity 3629 *I don't like how this costume ended up and I will remake it soon. For one, the cape needs to be lengthened and the skirt needs to be a little different.

  • Sonya Blade

Other than cutting off a shirt, the only thing sewn here is the jacket. I used the fabric I draped Ruri with to make it. Yep, if I don't make them lining, I keep them in a box.

  • Starbuck

This one I have a lot of tips on, but as they were shared through a certain connection, I'm not sure if they want me to share them. Basically, we altered BDUs. The undershirts are bought. Check the resources for all the links.

  • Talho

This was commissioned/worked on together by Katie. She drew patterns on newspaper. I cut them out. So I have no patterns to offer here.

  • Tinkerbell

Commissioned from Mary. Please check out her site to find more information. I believe she has some tutorials.

  • USO girl

I linked all the info over here. Since I didn't make the patterns, I like to just direct people to the proper people.