We've all been through this question. And there are tons of fabric places on the internet so it can get pretty daunting. Initially, and sometimes still today, I'll take a friend who has been doing this longer than I have toHancock Fabrics.  Both because it's fun to shop with a friend and look at the pretty fabrics, but also because sometimes I want assistance in picking out the perfect fabric. Plus, Hancock's changes their layout so often, you frequently need a second pair of eyes. I've been to Joann's but there isn't one around me, but it's a good place if you have them. Both Joann's and Hancock's have online stores as well. Also, I sometimes find what I"m looking for at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I also love Denver Fabrics. Sometimes you need to get swatches sent to you, because an LCD backlight monitor might make it look brighter than it really is. But in large part, I've not experienced any problems. Plus, it's way easier to find what you're looking for with a search engine scanning a website than a fabric store. But that's if you know what you are looking for. For stretchy fabrics (I love me some stretch velvet. I'm the George Costanza of Cosplay. I would wrap myself in velvet every day if I could) I go toSpandex WORLD. I have NEVER *knock on wood* had a problem with them. I've had a hard time finding pleather lately and had to go to a store that I'm not really fond of. But since it's been about 2 years since I shopped with them, I'm giving them another chance. That's Spandex House. Last time I was very put off by their customer service after they had made a mistake with my order and wanted me to ship the order that I had received back to them. It seemed like nothing would make them happy (including them paying for the shipping charge). The latest order I received was correct and arrived very quickly. So I'm feeling better about them. Just, be forewarned. Occasionally I'll want fabric that isn't at anywhere familiar (like the Emma retro fabric). I used google shopping to find a satisfactory pattern and emailed them beforehand questions I had about it (there wasn't enough for my order available as it was a discontinued fabric). Since they replied very quickly, I felt better about ordering from them and would do so again. So just be careful about that sort of thing and try to pay attention to how quickly they get back in touch with you. Recently, I've had to custom order a fabric. So I went throughSpoonflower. When I received the test swatch I was very happy with the fabric quality. And it was very easy. Plus, discount for "designers" (you submitted a fabric). The bright side of ordering online is that they often come with "recommended for" listings. That is always very handy to this day. And usually they allow you to order swatches or samples, sometimes for free. Lastly, COUPONS ARE YOUR FRIEND. And sales fliers. You can frequently find patterns for 1.99 or .99 at Hobby Lobby and Hancock's. Butterick and McCall's share a website and also frequently have sales. Hancock's takes other competitors coupons and MANY of the online retailers do sales for free shipping or 15% off and so forth. So before you buy, try RetailMeNot for sales.  And side note, Michaels (where I buy a lot of the beds, glue, paint, wire sort of thing), always has a 40% off coupon somewhere and then prints another on your receipt. They don't have fabric, but they have a lot of other relevant things. And pay attention to the 50% off notions sales at Hancock's. It usually includes all the sewing feet. If you have other places, please leave me (and anyone that reads this) a comment. I'm all about sharing information.

(Sorry, that's a bit of a wall of text right now. I'll fix it later ;) )