I've been told I pick all the "purple" characters in Soul Calibur. I have no idea why I was drawn to Viola, but I was. There's no Cassandra, that probably helped.



People expected me to pick Cassandra's niece, but her constant apologizing annoys me. The main characters this go round just did not appeal to me at all. But Viola's got some EPIC moves with that ball. Still getting the hang of her. 

But yeah, purple again. The skirt is black satin, the corset (and yeah, it's a corset) is steel boned with a white duck as the strength layer. The top layer was made out of eggplant shade casa satin. I used skin colored spandexy stuff for the panels and just plain black ribbon for the laces. All the embroidered pieces were hand satin stitched onto black satin and some leftover black sheer fabric. They were then tacked in place. 

The red is also satin stitched and tacked to the bottom. All the ruffles have rolled hems. And all the seams are serged. 

The cape is the black satin, with leftover red satin lining, the lavendar ruffles and white blanket binding for the trim. The petals (which are my favorite part) have interfacing in them for strength. 

I found the roses on etsy and they have pin backs on them. The pearls are actually attached to the pins instead of the cloak like in the game so that they can serve to keep the cloak on.


The claw is a freddie Krueger glove that I painted and changed out the glove portion. The wig is an Eowyn from Arda in silver. I did a pretty good job on the curls, but they fell down as soon as I put on the whole thing at MTAC. SAD.

Progress Pictures

Debuted: MTAC 2012

Retired: No

Worn To: MTAC 2012

Cost: $100