This one goes in there with She-ra and Gorgo. Looked great as I was working on it, but somewhere it started to fail. There are fitting issues. There are piping issues. There are "this clearly was never actually ever going to be worn by a human being" issues. How do you make something fit tightly in the front when it has no side seem?

It looked okay, but never good enough for me to ask Matt to take pictures.  ONE DAY I SHALL FIX IT.

Breakdown: pleather, pleather and more pleather. The grey is 4 way stretch, the maroon is upholstery grade. I did find out that if you are going to make gloves out of pleather, the 4 way stretch kind will not be as friendly. Upholstery grade doesn't tear quite as much.Boots were bought (and I love them). And that's about it.

I will remake it, but probably with the help of more experienced friends and after I lose some weight.

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: MTAC 2010

Retired: Yes

Worn To: MTAC 2010

Cost: $50