Okay, so this is kind of a joke themed costume. A while back, Domino's decided to make Hatsune Miku their mascot in Japan. There were special boxes, special iphone apps, and SPECIAL COMMERCIALS. 

Seriously, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW2D_Votd2Y 

It will take you forever to get "Hatsune Miku" out of your head. But that wasn't enough. They then made this: 


Where Miku delivers Domino's Pizza on a painfully slow scooter. 

I almost had the entire costume just based on what I was already planning on bringing to MTAC. Between Jubileena and Geisha Miku, I had the pigtails, the helmet, the tights, and red shoes. All I needed was a blue hoodie and some khaki shorts (which I have). Jacket acquired at walmart meant I had a fun, jokey costume to run around a con with. I only regret we didn't order some domino's so I'd have a prop. 



Debuted: MTAC 2013

Retired: Semi

Worn To: MTAC 2013

Cost: $10