When I was making the geisha outfit of Miku's, I had a friend who had never cosplayed before that wanted to go to a convention with me. I thought the Geisha versions were a nice beginner costume in that they aren't all that out there. Also, they don't have to be all that fitted as they are yukata-like. 

So I made Luka's matching costume. But then life happened and we didn't go. So it's never been worn. It was almost worn the next year by a different friend...and then by the day we were supposed to wear them we were exhausted and decided against it. 

Eventually, we'll get pictures. I have a big desire to take pictures in them on a gondola at our mall (yep, our mall has gondola's). 

As for the construction: it was mostly made from leftovers. The redish portion is leftovers from Fuu's yukata. I bought a pink wig for it since I didn't know who would be wearing it and if they had one. I didn't embroider the obi because by that time plans had fallen apart. 

Progress Pictures


Debuted: MTAC 2013

Retired: No

Worn To: MTAC 2013

Cost: $40