Gotta catch em all 


This all started because of CarolAnn. She had this idea for Pokemon to march in the Dragon*Con 2008 parade. Somewhere down the line I forgot how much I hate parades. 10 years of marching band will do that to a girl.

So I looked through the images trying to find a predominately green pokemon that had not already been claimed. I wound up with Kirlia and the new knowledge that I can apparently rock green pigtails. Who knew? Again with the leftover fabric, the skirt is various pieces of left over black twill from SEVERAL projects. They are all stitched together, which is the greatest part about pleated skirts: you can't really see the seams. The green is blanket binding. The red pieces around the pigtails are probably broadcloth (don't remember). I cut out 4 oval shapes with a circle cut out, sewed them up into the 2 pieces you see there.

The pigtail wig is a short wig with clips, so the red pieces sit against it and the clips go through the holes. That way, I can reuse the wig! I can't remember what kind of fabric the shirt is, but it's heavier than all but the twill. Shoes are generic walmart shoes sprayed with GREEN FLORAL PAINT (that's what you should get) and a sealer. Tights are from We Love Colors (who I highly recommend).

  • Kirlia

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2008

Retired: No

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2008

Cost: $90