Why are blonde girls always portrayed as crazy and or drunk?

I've mentioned I like fighting games and kind of like RPGs. No More Heroes is kind of a little of both. So I like it until my arm starts to feel like it's going to fall off from the damn light up katana swinging/charging. But I also always love it when the cute blonde girl gets to be the bad guy and completely out of the stereotype.

 Eventually I would love to find some corner, fill it with beer cans and take pictures. But, till then, have these lovely creepy stairwell pictures. Oh and Bad Girl is gonna help you all out by taking out DeathNote cosplayers (who are actually really good at it, sorry!). Oh, I ddn't make this one. I made some changes to it so that it would stay like I wanted it, but the construction is all Lauren. She made it while I was at D*C.

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