I'm a clutzy, blonde engineer. DESTINY. (Also, the most fun thing I have to wear.)

This was made by Mary (Vampirate) for Dragon*Con. She made every bit of it which was a HUGE time saver considering I had about 8 new costumes. It consists of wonderful olive green stretch velvet which covers a corset she hand made. She also made me bloomers (which of course you can't see). The wig is actually a base wig with a clip on bun and she has a tutorial on her site. She also made shoes which you also can't see out of slippers from walmart!

This costume is just so much fun. It's always recognized and it seems to make people really happy. I tossed it into my truck for Halloween 2009 at my parents house and handed out candy in it. Little kids LOVED IT. I think I had more pictures taken then than at any convention I've been to. There's a big pumpkin patch near their house, so I'm thinking I'll grab up all the stuff to make an autumn version soon.

A note about the pictures: MY MOM took them. While every now and then having to hand me the camera to take pictures of my dad and his new puppies. This is their front yard. Sometimes being from the country has some benefits. I think she did a good job, don't you?

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

Retired: NEVER

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2009, Halloween 2009, MTAC 2010, Dragon*Con 2010, Dragon*Con 2011

Cost: $200