The Monaco and local fox affiliate had a Glee night to show the Britney/Britney episode on the movie screens. Trivia contests and costume contests and LOTS of prizes were to be had.

I've mentioned it elsewhere, but I really wanted to do Britney S. Pierce (hehe) but from the Lady Gaga episode. Alas, I couldn't find a big fake lobster to spray paint silver. So I went to academy sports which is practically across the street from my office on my lunch break and wala...Sue. Couldn't find a bullhorn though. Sad.

It was a lot of fun. I got to pick on a lot of kids. I even made it to a commercial for the next glee night (can't find a copy of it though). I told a kid dressed as Shuester that he didn't have enough gel into his hair but I heard there was a sale at CVS.

I had a bit more fun with it at Halloween. While I went more traditional (scarecrow) I made my mother wear my Sue costume. Funny part is that she's a former cheerleader sponsor from my high school. She would never opt to shoot someone out of a canon but she might make a joke about it. All of her former cheerleaders that saw the picture cracked up. It's like the costume that keeps on giving!

  • sue-sylvester-glee

Debuted: 2010 Glee Night at the Monaco

Retired: No

Worn To: 2010 Glee Night at the Monaco

Cost: $60