Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess. I had already decided that I wanted to do a Steampunk Disney Princesses group which is slowly forming (one day!). Matt (Dim Horizon Studio) wanted to shoot at Sloss, so I decided that I would bust my butt to get it done.

I think she turned out well, but if I were a better seamstress, she would be better. I have some ideas for improving her. Yes, I did think of her a story beyond her existing story. I love the pictures Matt took.

The skirt is blue stretch sportswear twill, as is the blue portion of the belt. The belt has gold chain on it (which apparently broke at some point, not that I noticed) to give it more. The corset is brown pleather that I embroidered with metallic gold Yenmet thread. (Designs are from Urban Threads.) The shirt is white stretch suiting leftover from Lili. I used a pattern for the shirt and it turned out to be the best piece of it. I also used a pattern for the skirt, but I had to take out entire panels because I didn't want it to be rouched everywhere. Also, the blue ribbon is actually just grosgrain ribbon that I did a decorative stitch on (yay new sewing machine).

The crown is my favorite thing. It's not entirely what I wanted it to be, but it's pretty close. Craft foam with a generous amount of glue to harden it + a few various layers of metallic acrylic paints. Then I glued on a TON of little tiny gears. The original thought was to have a crown made ONLY of gears and where it would hook together as if it could work. HOWEVER, the gears I had were way too delicate to support themselves, so this is how I solved that problem. It's getting remade too. Yay for guy friends who see it in my house and go "you know, we should do it like this instead." I think we're actually remaking it like I wanted it to look in the first place too.

Progress Pictures

  • Aurora-and-Phillip-sleeping-beauty-3166178-470-341

Debuted: Sloss Furnaces

Retired: no

Worn To: Sloss Furnaces

Cost: $50