I searched and searched for some sort of silk that i could make this out of. But I thought the silk chiffon that I ordered was too see through when it finally arrived. So I made it out of yellow kona cotton for Dragon*Con 2009. 

And then I forgot my wig. 

So when there was a shoot at Sloss Furnaces I grabbed it as a backup. 

And then my wig fell apart. 

The wig currently sits atop my costumes in the closet still pinned in place with heavy amounts of hairspray. The yellow cotton is gone and replaced with the silk chiffon. If I recall, all I have to do is hem it and it will be good to rewear. 

The boots, corset, waist cincher and gloves are all bought. The bracelet and neck is black satin (which I still have too much of). 

Oh, and it was hella amusing to walk around in this in front of people just at Sloss for some good times. The looks on their faces. ;)

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: Sloss Furnaces

Retired: Remaking it

Worn To: Sloss Furnaces

Cost: $75