I love She-ra. I do. Brandi mentioned having a She-ra group for 2013 during a party in 2012. She kind of mentioned it offhand like "this is a dream I'll never see fulfilled". BOY DID WE PROVE HER WRONG. There's about 20 people in the group, though not all got their costumes done by Dragoncon. At Dragoncon we ended up with 14 and a 15th trying to find us. 

We wanted things to be more up to date, not cartoony. So we picked the style of Game of Thrones. ANd we mixed some mediums, some using leather, some using worbla, some using leather AND worbla. It was all pretty amazing. 

ANd it was pretty hilarious with Jimmy doing Skeletor's voice all the time. That's what we're all laughing in every picture. 

My main dress is made out of stretch faux suede. The armor is all veg-tan leather with a mix of gold and yellow stain. I tooled all the arm pieces, the belt and the headdress. It took forever. I had initially wanted to do backgrounding on everything but decided it wasn't really necessary. All the jewels are cast with resin and painted the same method that Kamui uses (watched her youtube videos!). The fur on the boots is fake. 

The sword is commissioned from Kevin Walker (cobheran). 


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Debuted: DragonCon 2013

Retired: Nope

Worn To: DragonCon 2013

Cost: $150 + sword