Where to start, I made this so long ago! 

The whole thing is satin. I wish at the time that I knew how to make a corset, because it could have used one. Whenever I remake it, it will get one. I also think the cape needs to be longer. And it zips up the back. 

I'm still okay with my headdress, but I'll probably remake that (or buy one, I saw it somewhere!) too. 

I've never been happy with the way it looks. I like it better than Gorgo...but that's not saying much. 

Progress Pictures

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  • 2010958-she ra vs wonder woman by feilongex d33qxsf
  • 638726-catra vs. she ra
  • she-ra 2007
  • 2002She-Ra
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  • SheRa copy
  • he man and she ra power swords wp by chaomanceromega-d55hcme
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Debuted: Dragon*Con 2008

Retired: Yes, but I'll remake it eventually

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2008

Cost: $50