I heard that the Monaco and one of the local news stations were having another Glee night and with it, another costume contest. Excuse to dress up...OKAY.

So I went all out this time. Last time I had wanted to do Britney from this same episode (I wanted the lobster sunglasses) but could never find a good lobster. This time I felt partial to Quinn. So Tammy and I ransacked Hancock's finding good enough fabric (back side of satin), horsehair braid for the hem and deciding how to do all the wires (it's 12 guage, not what I wanted but it's okay).

For the event I hot glued the wire to the back of the dress so that it would be flat. Thus, I could sit in it. And it wasn't poofy enough for me, so I wore a petticoat with it. Here's a tip: don't let a dress sit in your hot car all day if it contains a lot of hot glue. The gloves were dyed with Rit Dye in Fuchsia, which I almost couldn't find.

I made the eyelashes because I couldn't find them (and happened to have hot pink feathers around the house) but I left the adhesive. This past weekend, walking through Ulta...there they were...on the other side of the store from the rest of the eyelashes.

Also, you can't tell as well in the picture...but there are hot pink streaks in my hair (also from ulta). They would have curled but my hair is not currently long enough to have gone to the trouble and I had no time to order a wig because I don't have a blonde curly one.

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: Glee Night at the Monaco 2011

Retired: No

Worn To: Glee Night at the Monaco 2011

Cost: $60