Retro cosplay is always my favorite. There's nothing like becoming a character you watched as a kid.

Another from wayback in 2007. For Dragon*Con my friends Angie and Kim had the idea of an old school Strawberry Shortcake group. Being from Chilton County, I opted for Peach Blush.

Sadly, they don't make peach gingham... Realizing they don't, I looked at the doll. The doll uses pink gingham, so I grabbed up that and coordinating colors for the sleeves, used ribbon for her belt and the straps on the shoes (which are again painted to match). Leggings again from We Love Colors.

We did this on Sunday night and I don't think I got to stop smiling for 4 hours. First the Hyatt made us move and then people followed us to the Marriott (while it was undergoing renovations!). The hat was bought from walmart as were the blooms in it (not peach blooms). And the favorite a purse. I knew I would need to carry things, and all the characters have connecting pets. So I found a dog/cat purse pattern and used the dog ears with the cat legs to make it. Sheerling for the body of course and the handles (which matched!) came from Hancock Fabrics.

I really love this costume. It was the first one I ever made completely from scratch all by myself. I would love to wear it again, but I need a Strawberry Shortcake to go with.

Progress Pictures

  • peachblush
  • Peach Blush2
  • peachPP.JPG
  • plushmelloniebell.JPG

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2007

Retired: Nope

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2007

Cost: $50