There are costumes that are labors of love. This is one of those costumes. BIG GREEN DRESS. You know how I feel about green! And the Vampire Diaries!

Despite how hard hoop skirts are to wrangle at D*C in the crowds, they are still totally fun. Somehow I turn into a big kid that likes to swish my dress around.

Contrustion Notes: It's 14 yards of sage green Duchess Satin. 9 of them are from and 5 are from Denver Fabrics. Despite having the same descriptive title, they aren't the same fabric. I had hoped they would be (as the original 9 got discontinued and i needed more) but alas. So I had to get creative. I really needed a 15th yard, so I had to get SUPER CREATIVE with the bustle.

The lace was originally white lace from Joann's that I hand dyed green. The bodice is boned and unlike in the show, it laces up. My weight seems to be in flux and I wanted the ability to still wear it later, no matter what size I was.

All the layers at the bottom were pleated by hand, ironed down (using both rajah cloth and starch, still not sure which I liked best) and then tacked down. It's unlikely that I'll be able to really iron this easily in the future.

The wig is the wig from Gorgo. I washed it to get the curls back in good shape. Lots of combing too. (Yay for re-purposing things! Cause let's face it, I'm probably never wearing a Gorgo costume again.) I like this wig much better for this costume than the other Katherine wig, but I'm comfortable enough that I don't mind switching them on occasion.

Pictures are from Dim Horizon Studios (as usual) but look out for more from Lauren and my trip to Athens scoping out Antebellum houses!

Progress Pictures

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2011

Retired: Nope

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2011

Cost: $150