I think I was quite alone in my not having seen Wreck-It Ralph until the Blu-ray came out. Similar to last ConNooga, my friends made Sugar Rush Racer costumes for this year. And they were SO ADORABLE!!! Many questions and a smart phone later, I had picked out Jubileena. Luckily, the dvd came out like that Tuesday. I went and watched it, fell more in love with all the racers and felt much more comfortable with my choice. Afterall, I have a very red/pink tint to my face and she did seem kind of derpy in moments. 

They didn't end up wearing theirs to MTAC, but I did find another group with some of the girls in my room. The overall meetup was a great time because everyone was super happy and appreciative of each other. Lots of laughs. 

This was one of the easier to pull together costumes I've done. Red tights and knock-off keds are both from Target. The helmet is a 1/2 motorcycle helmet found on eBay, painted red (though it didn't come out as well as I'd like). The shirt is a $3 shirt from Walmart that I applied an iron on cherry design to. Tights are from sock dreams and may be one of the best internet purchases I've ever made (so soft AND they fit my thighs). The jacket is from Amazon and the msot expensive part of the costume. Joann's had fabric that matched it exactly so I cut 2 circle skirts (one for lining), finished them with a waist band and hemmed it with horse hair braid to get fluffy ruffles. I bought a pack of little kid hair ties that have the bobbles on them (bonus, they already have holes drilled!), sprayed them red and sewed them to the bottom of the skirt. 

I ordered the wig from Arda that had the REALLY long ponytail and chopped it off. I then cut the pony tail into 4 equal pieces, trimmed it a bit and put an entire bottle of glue on the ends. It is literally shoved into the wefts because attempting to permanently attach it caused it to not sit right. This was my first time cutting and styling a wig all on my lonesome. It's more even than it looks because it's actually pretty fluffy but the helmet pushes it down. 

*progress pictures*


Debuted: MTAC 2013

Retired: No 

Worn To: MTAC 2013

Cost: $80