So if Vampire Diaries is my guilty pleasure, then Spartacus is my REALLY GUILTY PLEASURE. I <3 Ilithyia. Not because she's a great person, she's terrible! But she's interesting...

I wore her at Dragon*Con 2011. Afterwards, I made some changes and took her to Connooga! Check out the new pictures!

You may or may not have seen me rant about "evil pink fabric"...well this is it. I will never deal with Brocade again. It is evil, EVIL fabric. Oh the fraying...THE FRAYING.

So, now you know the pink is brocade. The offwhite is chiffon(?). There's also a chiffon underskirt and when making the waistband I totally forgot to remove the safety pin. WHOOPS.

The belt is woven jaquard I got from etsy and leftover leather I painted gold after cutting it into the right shape. Jewelry is all from the Icing. You may notice that the jacquard is not the same on the sides as it is on the belt. Yep, ran out of stuff again. This was a common problem for D*C and every time, they no longer made what I had. *sigh*

The hand prop is from FrightCatalog. I expected it to be a little more reasonably sized, but still, it was entertain. Isn't that why we all do this? To be silly in silly costumes?

Progress Pictures

  • large Ilithyia Spartacus Blood And Sand 31927
  • large Ilithyia Spartacus Blood And Sand 31927
  • Claudius-Ilithyia-spartacus-blood-and-sand-16799954-1400-2048
  • Claudius-Ilithyia-spartacus-blood-and-sand-16799952-1400-2044

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2011

Retired: No

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2011, Connooga 2012

Cost: $30