I love the Venture Bros. and especially the henchmen! 

Or woman! This one started out as a joke after finding Henchman masks at AWA. The joke proceeded to a Halloween costume. All pretty much closet cosplay (except the wings and accessories). And since this would be a henchwoman, I decided to use a leotard instead of shorts and fishnets instead of a black unitard thing. It was one of my favorites and I may wear it again if I ever get to making new gloves.

Breakdown (for content sake): the buckle and the mask (which I didn't make) are predominantly craft foam. Not sure what's the inside layer of the mask. Like I said, I bought the leotard and the fishnets. I sprayed a pair of old boots (it's been 4 years, and I'm just NOW getting to the point of having to order more, thanks YEARS of marching band) yellow. Well, at first I painted them with acrylic paint because I didn't know better. But flying to orlando meant they were stuck together when I got there. We did a quick repair job and when I got back home, I peeled it all off and resprayed it. Lesson learned: PAINT SHOES WITH FLORAL PAINT. It's at Michael's.  Gloves were bought and we did the RIT dye thing. Wings have a slip cover on a pair of purchased wings. Kevin helped me a lot as this was one of the first cosplays I ever did.

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: JACO Halloween 2006

Retired: Yes

Worn To: JACO Halloween 2006, Dragon*Con 2007

Cost: $30