I loathe this costume 

Oh 300. 300 hot guys beating the crap out of other guys. Who can't appreciate that? Unfortunately, if you are a girl, and you loved 300, your cosplay options were pretty stunted. It was Gorgo, or well, Gorgo. So, I chose Gorgo.

I found the most awesome fabric ever at Walmart for $1/yd. I then lost it in a move before I could make it. *fail*. So I called a friend, she lost hers too. *double fail*. Off we went to walmart to get more, but it was gone. *more fail*. We found something acceptable and planning began. Again, like She-ra, this did rather well in the planning/construction phases. But it didn't do like I liked at D*C. Not to mention, standing next to Angie's Gorgo made mine pale in comparison. I might one day remake this. But probably not. It is my single most hated costume I've ever made (seriously, I detest it)!

Progress Pictures

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  • 300gorgo

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2007

Retired: HELL YES 

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2007

Cost: $40