There are things that I would discuss about Glinda that would be total spoilers. So just know that.

I like the Wizard of Oz. But I wasn't super thrilled about the new movie at first and yet it kept building. So much so that I made a Glinda costume BEFORE the movie came out. As such, there are now many things to fix. And not just because you can spot some differences, but because some things didn't work.

Again, I raided the Casa section of Joann's. I originally got what I THOUGHT was crepe back satin, only to get it home and discover it wasn't. (I looked at the label, I swear.) But as I didn't get enough, I had to go back. THEN I made sure. I intended to use the back side, so it didn't really matter that they were slightly different. The only problem is that the front, even with lining, is a bit too see through for me.

The sleeves are that glittery satin and the insert is the white crepe (not satin) with the mesh that has the jewels on it (doubled up). I'm happy with the insert. Not so much with the sleeves. I can't quite get them to fit well and because I had to open up the arm holes, it doesn't want to lay right. I'm gonna try to find a gold glittery spandex (if you see it, you let me know!). I got everything in their champagne color as I felt it was a little better.

I wore the dress for the opening along with the wig originally bought for a different costume and the crown I cobbled together from 2 broken official Disney crowns (check out the fanpage for my rants on that). I was the only one dressed up in my theater and entered their costume contest WHILE sitting down for the movie (ugh, that contest).

On my list of things to fix: the sleeves, possibly adding the embroidery to them, and debate the front fabric. That's pretty much it. I noticed that her gold trim around the top openings appears to be about a 1/4 inch of gold fabric so I guess I got that right! 

*Progress Pictures*




Debuted: Monaco Wizard of Oz premiere

Retired: No

Worn To: Monaco Wizard of Oz premiere, MTAC 2013

Cost: $70