Initially intended for Dragon*Con 2008, but not finished until 2009, this costume was worn only once. But I dusted it off, ironed it, steamed it and took it back out for a spin at Connooga 2012. I'm so excited to finally have pictures of this. 

I had a lot of fun rewearing it and it really makes me aware of just how far I've come sewing wise.

Made far too early to stay excited about.

I believe it's all gabardine, not sure. I bought the fabric in 2007 to have her for 2008 and frakked up the pattern. So I scraped it for D*C 2008 postponing it to 2009. It became the first costume I completed of 2009 (in general).  I loved the wig I styled for her and left it at home along with my Silk Spectre wig.

Since it was made so early on in my cosplay life, there are a fair amount of problems with it. I took it back out for Connooga and it was just perfect for the variable weather. This time, I remembered the wig! 

I even ignored one of my rules: don't go out to eat in costume and found an awesome pizza place courtesy of friends in Chattanooga! 

Despite all the ironing and steaming, I couldn't get all the wrinkles out it seems. That's what happens when things are boxed up for 3 years. I got asked if I was from Pan Am and slightly better, Jackie Kennedy. I've always thought that it looked like Jackie Kennedy designed a lab coat, so I'm pretty okay with that comparison.

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Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

Retired: No

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2009, Connooga 2012

Cost: $40