I got really good at saying that over the course of a Saturday. I wanted a Doctor Who themed costume for a local Doctor Who convention, but it was Tuesday beforehand. So I went to Hancock's, grabbed some fabric and began to sew. 

The black and gold are all satin. I made the bias tape for the neckline and the stripes out of the gold fabric. The bumpy parts are plastic balls I found at Michael's. They aren't entirely firm balls, think really thick bouncy balls. Some split a part really easily, some needed to be cut apart. I then glued them with E-6000 to cardboard backings and sprayed them gold. 

They are attached to the dress with Velcro. 

The problem is that the glue doesn't always hold. But I did figure out the last time I wore it that a thin line of glue on the outside (that I can sand down if need be) helps tremendously. I can paint that too! 

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Debuted: Con Kasterborous 2012

Retired: No

Worn To: Con Kasterborous 2012

Cost: $40