When people discuss ponies, I am always compared to Apple Jack. Sure, I'm blonde, have a Southern accent, and my dad likes to farm (seriously, they have a farm...in a subdivision)...

Okay, maybe I understand it a bit.

After seeing how cute a few friends were at ConNooga in their Raver ponies, a group was discussed. Naturally, I'm Apple Jack. Just about everyone else has a skirt and tutu, but I thought...Apple Jack...going to a rave...no she probably won't wear a skirt. She'd wear shorts and...and...chaps! The top half looked in line with the other girls, but the bottom half still needed something. So I fashioned a lasso out of glow bracelets. Next time I'll actually tape them together. 

I also made a hat out of wire and glow bracelets, but it probably needs to be redone before the next wear. 

These were a ton of fun even though we managed to move all of 5 feet the whole night. 

Now...how to get the Rainbow Dash in our group to sing "I'm a little bit country...and I'm a little bit rock and roll" with me. 

Progress Pictures