Despite my frequent rants on Disney's perception of women, I'm still gonna watch their movies. What can I say, I'm a girl. I was raised on this stuff.

And I always loved Alice in Wonderland. Bright colors. A heroine that eats seemingly everything. An abnormal cat (which the longer you think about it, turns out to be fairly normal for a cat). The concept that being on time is important. Tea. What's not to love?

AND it is one of the few Disney movies where the heroine feels no need to marry a prince at the end. It's probably one of the few (if not only) Disney movie where there isn't even a prince. Alice is smart and capable and must figure out this whole situation without the help of someone running to her rescue.

This costume didn't not have THAT much thought put into it though. I was trying to think of something I could wear to work on Halloween (my previous job being very much Halloween friendly) that was adorable, work friendly, and I could wear later. So pretty much the entire costume selection at Spirit Halloween is out in my case. And it occurred to me that Alice fit those parameters perfectly. I picked up fabric ASAP and started working on it. Trouble is, I had 2 days. Naturally, i didn't finish.

When life threw me a curveball and I suddenly had amble time on my hands, I decided it was time to finish. Turns out, the pattern(s) I bought were GROSSLY inaccurate despite being licensed. I've now drawn the conclusion that the pattern was for face-character Alice at the parks which is not at ALL accurate to the actual movie. Much credit for all this discovering goes to another cosplayer who clearly researched things more than I did. 

Everything is kona cotton. The apron is tacked onto the skirt so it lays right and it makes everything easier to wear. I intended to put pockets in the backside of the apron, but just decided not to. I also found a cheshire cat purse on ebay. I seem to like having coordinated bags for my costumes rather than build pockets into them.

I'm blonde so I am constantly trying to decide if I actually want to wear a wig. And my headband is more normal than that of others. The bow is premade and was intended to snap on, but the snaps wouldn't hold, so now it safety pins on.

Per the other cosplayers progress, I got the same petticoat, ordered on ebay I think. And I also have on an additional shorter petticoat. It's amazing how much you start to act just like Alice when you have that much poof.

I feel adorable when I'm wearing it, though it might never be worn for it's intended purpose (work).

Progress pictures 

Debuted: ConNooga 2013

Retired: No 

Worn To: ConNooga 2013, MTAC 2013

Cost: $40