I would get laughed out of my office if I wore this 

Oh Mattel, you come out with a barbie for my profession (which you misname) and you contact SWE to design it and it's still flawed. I guess putting a girl in jeans, a tshirt, tennis shoes, a cardigan/hoodie and her hair in a pony tail is not Barbie enough. And generic dress clothes isn't either.

So here's what they did (and the slight change I made):

  • jacket (in 90s colors!)
  • binary shirt (I'll give them that one)
  • pink glasses (because girls should always wear tons of pink right?)
  • GLITTERY STRETCH KNIT PANTS (because that won't get you laughed at at work)
  • pink (originally heels) shoes. People pointed out to them that you couldn't wear heels because you wouldn't be grounded.
  • pink netbook (because that's what we all use for work...and it doesn't appear to be linux)
  • bluetooth headset (does anyone still wear those?)

My change: no glittery pants. ALso, I'm very tempted to get an Ubuntu shirt to make it that other barbie. And the grounding bracelet.

  • computer-engineer-barbie

Debuted: Dragon*Con 2010

Retired: No

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2010

Cost: $40