FINALLY, I got to wear this costume! It's already on it's second iteration and I had never even worn it before (mostly because I didn't like the first. Sadly, those shoes have got to go next as I was in so much pain from just the pinup shoot that I couldn't walk from the Sheraton to the Marriott afterwards. But I've ordered new ones, we'll see if they are better. 

I didn't make one bit of this. The top hat, cane and gloves all came from Men's Wearhouse ($35 for all 3). The tailcoat came from ebay ($20). The bloomers and fencenets from Amazon and the shirt from Walmart. I already had the shoes and wig. 

But this goes to show you that sewing isn't a prerequisite for cosplay. :)

(Extra LOL moment....the Sheraton's ceilings were pretty low. My friend, dressed as Super Boy, is a good chunk over 6 feet (like 6'3" or 6'4" I think). With the heels, I was probably 6'1" so we were both almost hitting the ceilings as we walked.)