What better to do when you stuck at an anime convention due to flooding? Closet cosplay of a comic book character! 

So, for Dragon*Con last year I made Sharon Carter's Agent 13 costume. I loved it and it was really comfy, but we forgot to take pictures. In researching that I ran across a picture of her more casual sitting in front of an American flag and went "OMG, I have that outfit". So this is my Sharon Carter casual outfit. Matt and the boys had to teach me how to properly hold a gun because I pretty much stay away from real guns.

Why did I have a Sharon Carter costume at an anime con? Well, go back to the statement of "I have that outfit". I wear this ALL THE TIME. It's one of my favorite shirts. And those are my 2nd favorite jeans. So since they were gonna probably be worn anyway, I tossed them in my suitcase knowing Matt (aka Dim Horizon Studio) would be around and we could get some good shots. I was only gonna wear it and take pictures if I wore everything else I wanted to, which I pretty much did on Friday. Then it POURED down rain (in case you haven't heard) so I opted for tennis shoes instead of boots and put it on so I could say "what, I'm cosplaying"...

  • captainamerica49

Debuted: MTAC 2010

Retired: It's jeans and a shirt...so, no. 

Worn To: MTAC 2010

Cost: FREE