Off with her head! Dragon*Con plans got started way early with the opportunity to attend some Alice in Wonderland styled events. It's not quite Disney and it's not quite Tim Burton, but if you have a desire for a sexier fairy tale, Grimm Fairy Tales has you covered.

The movie's finally out, so I went to a mad hatter tea party in style. This is the Queen of Hearts from the Tales of Wonderland comic series (a part of Grimm Fairy Tales). I made it as a corset and skirt and it's actually rather comfy (I'm all for comfort). Since this was super duper short notice (made it in a week), I opted to wait on the collar until I have more time. She's also supposed to have red hair, but see time concern. I did roll my hair, as there is a blonde queen in that series. The corset is boned and for now has a zipper. It's all satin with gold premade trim. And again, I forgot the gloves (I have them, I just forgot to grab them). I also made props (painted roses) and brought a few others (decks of cards, red and white roses).

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Debuted: NACC Mad Hatter Tea Party

Retired: Nope

Worn To: Tea Party, Dragon*con 2010

Cost: $70