Mention Black Widow/Hawkeye to me and you will see me rant. Mockingbird being his ex-wife. I thoroughly enjoy that their relationship is not perfect and that though they feel they need to be apart at times, they both still really care about each other. And I like how she's kind of snippy to him. 

So for Dragon*con 2012 I made Mockingbird. And what do you know, a friend of a friend (now just friend) had a pretty awesome Hawkeye. If only we had found a Spiderwoman...

This is pretty much all spandex. The black was the swimsuit grade spandex. The white is just normal, doubled up. The buttons are the type you cover which I did with the black spandex. The belt has nylon straping inside a spandex tube. But I think I'm gonna remake that. 

I had a lot of trouble with the collar, so it's already been removed. I put a good amount of interfacing in it, but apparently that won't work with spandex as it kept ripping apart. So I used buckram, which worked...but was scratchy at the bottom. So I covered that with fleece but you could see the fleece a bit which I wasn't happy with. But the biggest aspect I wasn't pleased with was the back of the neck. The buckram made the collar stick out a lot father from my neck than it should have. I got a good look at Jen's to see how to fix it (because hers is awesome). 

The boots are just random combat looking boots that a friend found for me. Then there's shin guards (that I sprayed black to get the red Wilson logo off) and knee pads. Let me tell you how happy I was to have those knee pads sometimes! 

But...the bo staff. THE BO STAFF. I have a coworker that's into martial arts and he ordered me a legit 2 part bo staff. I sprayed it silver and put a lot of sealant on it. It was amusing to me that it couldn't be peace tied (the zip ties would fall right off), and was probably a bigger deal than stuff that was peace tied. That has to be my favorite prop ever. I looked up tutorials on youtube to see how to pose better with's mostly twirling. I can so do that! 

Progress Pictures