"It's not my usual color"

I'm sorry, I love her. And I always kind of wanted to be a member of the X-Men. A friend was trying to rant about the Dark X-Men Emma having a black outfit and I agreed at first until I saw the panel that was all "well, it's not my usual color", so at least they recognized it. Plus, I like it.

All PVC vinyl (don't wear that in August in Atlanta) and maribou trim (instead of fur, sorry, wasn't crystal clear when I was making it what it was, maribou was cheaper and easier to work with). I also now loathe black lipstick. But I still love the costume. It's one of my favorites. I definitely felt like a superhero. A melty, sweaty superhero. But a superhero none the less.

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Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

Retired: Sort of, but not really

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2009

Cost: $40