No, I am not the female version of the punisher! I'm the woman that killed Captain America.

I don't know what it is about Sharon Carter that makes me like her. I think it was me being snarky and wanting to dress up as the woman that killed Captain America mostly. Regardless, I have an appreciation for her now. Plus, girl with a gun, that's always fun.

The costume is mostly a body suit that I bought. Took forever to find one with a silver zipper and pull. Then I added all the white pieces and belts/pouches. The pouches were left over pouches that came in with Ruri way too late (I didn't expect them to come in, so I had already bought mroe). I spent weeks coming in from work and adding a layer of white floral paint to them. It took 2 cans. But they are white now! And I love having pouches/pockets as part of a costume. I have NO pictures of her, even though I wore her for a decent amount of time at D*C because not very many people like Sharon Carter (I suspect). Some people did recognize me and others said I looked like the female punisher. Ehh...

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Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

Retired: Nope

Worn To: Dragon*Con 2009, Imagicon 2010, APF 2012

Cost: $90