Talho likes to get her picture taken. That makes this costume pretty meta. Why yes, I am a dork.


Talho is one of my favorite anime characters. So naturally, I wanted to cosplay her. This costume was made partially by me and partially by another Katie. It's not accurate in a few places and that irks me. She did all the sewing, I did all non-sewing related things (like the holster, the straps, most of the cutting and pinning).

It's really comfy and completely lined, but after years of wear, the zipper is sadly coming out. If I intend on continuing to wear it, I need to remake the skirt. The wig is my second favorite wig and was the running favorite for a long time. It was originally streaked with red which I think in the end makes it look better than if I had gotten a plain black one (if I recall, they didn't have it in black at the time). I sharpied each red streak until it looked more like brown streaks. Also, I think this way looks better with my skin tone, but it was all a total accident. I still love it though.

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: Megacon 2007

Retired: Until I fix the zipper

Worn To: Megacon 2007, Persacon 2007, AWA 2009

Cost: a trip to Orlando...bartering!