Obscure characters are usually the best characters! And they almost always have the best outfits.


THIS IS MY FAVORITE COSTUME! I can't say that enough. There are so many reasons for that as well.


  1. Made (with the exception of the boots) completely out of leftovers.
  2. REALLY REALLY comfy. I can wear this costumes for HOURS.
  3. Absolutely favorite wig that oddly makes me look just like my sister. (that's not why it's my favorite, it's just how I would like my hair to look on a daily basis).
  4. I love minor characters that swoop in because the writers seemingly wrote themselves into a corner.
  5. The boots stay up
  6. First time I draped a costume.

Leftover fabrics were all satins. Leftovers from She-ra mostly. But they aren't shiny you ask? I flipped them to the back. The top was draped (I always drape the whole thing and then decide which side I like better and use that side as my pattern) which was SO MUCH EASIER and fit me way better than any pattern I've used. The shorts were a pattern that turned out to be massive and so they got trimmed a LOT. Well, actually, they got rolled up a lot because I was always afraid of making a mistake. The belt came from walmart and was originally hot pink glitter (and still is on the opposite side); I painted it with floral paint and sealed it. The tattoos are done with liquid eyeliner and powder and I practiced them quite a bit. The boots are sandals covered in red spandex which has a story all it's own. The wig is from cosplaywig on ebay. I love it. The pouches are from an army supply store (yay for places to store your stuff).

Progress Pictures

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Debuted: MTAC 2008

Retired: Nope

Worn To: MTAC 2008, Persacon 2008

Cost: $30