Because it's possible to be comfy and look like you are going to save the world? 


This was pretty much my first cosplay. So look at the original shots thinking that. Through the years I've improved it. New wig came first, followed by the awesome and amazing leather jacket (it's so soft, I LOVE IT) from AbbyShot.  I got a leotard I can't bear to chop into how it really looks. And next time I wear it, it will probably include my new Emma Frost pants. The only things that will be around from the original will be the gloves and boots.

Originally I made the shrug out of the backside of satin so it would kind of mimic the leather, but being a first cosplay, wouldn't be nearly as pricey. I didn't know where to go then and now I know that pleather isn't always that expensive. I had really awesome glasses though. Unfortunately they broke on the way to AFO in my suitcase *tear*. This is one of those costumes I love but always forget to get good pictures of. Hopefully soon I'll put it back on and head downtown for some good shots.

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Debuted: AWA 2006

Retired: Semi

Worn To: AWA 2006, Persacon 2007, AFO 2007, MTAC 2008

Cost: $200