Fuu is always hungry, kind of like me. You know how you always get your picture sniped while you are eating...it totally works for this one!


A costume I can eat in! And by that, I mean, it's in character to stuff my face full of food all the time. Plus, yukata's are comfy and great for "oh and suddenly I'm not at the convention".

Originally I used my Talho wig but now that I have a better wig (the one for Ruri) I've been using it. The sticks are knitting needles with stryofoam balls painted pink. I ironed on all the flowers and made the whole thing in about a week. It was so quick, when I showed up to AUSAM-Con with it, people didn't even realize I had been working on it.

If I recall, both the main fabric and the trim fabric is gabardine. The flowers were done with "let's see what leftover pink I had" so most likely that was kona cotton. Since the convention was held at a building I used to work in, I opted to go for a costume that was a little more subdued (aka, normal hair colors). I laughed that the front desk folks never really recognized me and I missed having my office around the corner (as I'm sure everyone else around me missed, since it would lock and they could put their stuff in it). I keep wanting to go to the botanical gardens in this with the newer wig when there are sunflowers blooming. ONE DAY.

EDIT: So I did take it to the Botanical Gardens spur of the moment. Spur of the moment meant that I forgot the ribbon and my hair is flipped to the wrong side. But I still love the pictures.

Debuted: AUSAMCon 2008

Retired: No

Worn To: AUSAM-Con 2008, MTAC 2008, Persacon 2008

Cost: $30