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  1. [Costumes] Mockingbird Progress
    Have I mentioned the fact that I'm a huge Marvel fangirl yet? Probably. It's on the internet somewhere. So naturally, I've seen the Avengers...multiple times. It's time to bust out another Marvel costume and as such, I've been working on a Mockingbird costume.
    Mockingbird, ex-wife of Hawkeye

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  2. [Costumes] Viola Progress Part 2: The Skirt!
    Viola's skirt was pretty simple, although I seem to have issues measuring my own waist and it ALWAYS ends up too big. Additionally, I made it way longer than I wanted, but that was a much easier fix.

    In progress Skirt

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  3. [Costumes] Viola Progress Part 1: The Top
    Part 1 shall be the corset and the main part of the bodice:

    I used a simplicity pattern to make the corset, serged the edges (because I can!), then put in the boning channels and spiral steel bones.

    Partially serged

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  4. The post that I forgot to title!
    Well, I guess I can use the excuse of not being able to log in for the prolonged absense. I went to log in this morning on Firefox and it spit back and error about cookies, so I'm updating it. No idea how long that's gone on.

    But just because I haven't been writing about my crafty exploits over here does not mean I haven't had them. My dining room table is covered in projects. Much spray painting has been had (realitively unsuccessfully). And I took on an ambitious project that is finally mostly done. So can being "busy" also be an excuse? Or how about going out of town and having others come into town?

    Aforementioned HUGE project. Yay for Soul Calibur always having an easy way to get reference images
    I have about 4-5 posts worth of pictures on my camera, but I haven't even had time to load them yet!

    At least I can show you some progress pictures I took on my phone. Ignore the probable lack of makeup in most if not all of them. Going through the pictures, I probably have 2-3 posts of progress pictures on the big project in and of itself. Mom got kind of mad at me when I said I might not enter it into a contest.
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  5. [costumes] Pictures from Connooga - Part 2
    The most exciting costume for me at ConNooga was an updated version of Ilithyia from Spartacus. I didn't get to watch the latest episode until I got home, but that was okay. I had fun being all "don't you know that I'm married to a praeter" or "but I am the wife of the legatus". And I did get recognized a few times, which was awesome!!!!

    We tried very hard to have no trains in the picture, I guess we failed.

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