This area looks fairly empty right? In fact I've had someone presume it was. Surprise! It's not as empty as it looks!

Right below this you'll see 2 links, one for reports from conventions and one from photoshoots. Rather than discussing the individual aspects of a costume, this is where I'm probably gonna discuss the sillier aspects of my life. Expect friends, fellow cosplayers and photographers to get mentions all throughout here. This is apparently a spot that didn't get migrated from Wordpress/Joomla 1.5 to now. I'm working on fixing that.

But if you want to see a lot of progress shots you can click up top to the Progress link from my sewing blog. It's integrated in so it's not as pretty as the actual blog. Sorry 'bout that. If you care, you can click right beside it and it will take you to the blog itself. No guarantees I've updated it in a while. I was really good to do so every week for nearly a year and a half. We'll see how I'm doing when you're reading this.

So, not as empty. Mostly it's progress and sewing. I don't think I've ever actually hit the "publish" button on anything particularly polarizing or introspective. So don't expect a big post on the politics of cosplay. Just silliness.